Denim Days...

Denim Days...

As Women, we all love denim.

It's a fan favorite with options like stretch, a variety of washes, colors, cuts and styles that can make the basic a little more stylish.

Finding that "right" fit can be difficult  when it comes to how you are built but also the comfort concept. The following are a couple things you can consider before you make your own selection...

  • High-Rise Jeans work best for the majority of women.
  • If you have absolutely no tummy, you can go for the low-rise jeans, but don't feel bad if you don't exactly fit into that catagory, MOST OF HAVE SOMETHING!
  • Are you an online shopper whenit comes Denim? If so, make sure to check the details of the product. Some brands run smaller or even a bit larger. It's always best to give yourself some extra room, so you could also size up if need be. If you are unsure, make sure you look at the return policy before you order.
  • The Darker the Denim, the more slimming for most.
  • If all else fails, you could go for the denim "look" but not the actual fabric.
  • Stretch works for almost anyone. It will flatter your shape and offers the forgiveness of any fluctuations. This style feels like a legging or some would say jegging. They are easy to pack, and offer more give in the waist as well as the booty area. We love them because they are simple to wash.
Woman over 50 LOVE these, making them the most popular style of all!
  • If you want denim, but not the basic, you could opt for some fringe detail at the bottom hemline, or maybe even some color rings, or even a plain white pair.



Technically this will differ from lady to lady. There is no wrong or right answer.

However, the magic number seems to be 5. 

1. One that is your true size which means whatever works best for your body type.

2. A pair that is a size up, those are best for those days you may have a larger meal or even feel bloated.

3. The pair that is a "boyfriend" cut. A straight leg, loose fit that usually is for the weekends or simple errand running.

4. Skinny Jeans. Skinny Jeans usually can be for any occasion from causal to a party, maybe even work with a great pair of heela or boots.

5. Finally, the Boot Cut or even flared if you really want to extend the length of your leg. This cut is the most versitile, and most woman see this style lasting the longest in their closet. 

We also recommend a white pair. This is great for Summer and incredibly versitile. White is not for all, so if you don't see this as attractive for you, your most welcome to pass.


Finally, we offer you the below. Some of our customers favorites that will most definietly be a plus in your closet if you dont have them already.

036- Ruby Road Stretch Denim

001- LuLu B Light Denim 5 Pocket Jeans (FEATURED IN IMAGE)

036- Ruby Raod Stretch Denim Fringe Jean



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