Hurricane Season!

Hurricane Season!

Here we go...

It's the end of August and that means it's Hurricane Season Time.

For stores around Florida and other states that can be impacted, that means preparation time.

Depending upon location, that can mean a number of things.

Our store in Sarasota, Florida makes preparation for each storm that approaches in several ways.

The first thing we normally do is pull the clothing racks in from outside, as well as other racks indoors that may be close to the windows. 

Time to pull in the rack!

Hurricane winds have the power to damage buildings significantly. However, we try and minimize the damage. Last year in 2022, we didn't board up our windows, although some stores and homes do this. Especially, if the eye of the storm has the ability to hit your area or are in certain evacuation levels.

If you feel you are in a area that may take a significant amount of wind, we suggest that you secure your windows and doors to protect your building as much as possible.

To reduce the risk of fires and other calamities, we turn off the electricity to all non-essential equipment and shut down all computers and other electrical items. 

Lastly, we normally reduce business hours for our employees to make their own preparations, as well as get home safely. Depending on where our customers and employees live, they may need to evacuate. Evacuation orders are issued well before the storm to give them plenty of time to get to a secure location.

Our store is located in Level D. Level D is Zone D, and one of the least vulnerable and safe in most events. Although we are in one of the safest areas, we are still susceptible to heavy winds and tornados if they occur.

If you, your family, or friends are in or around these storm areas please take proper emergency precautions. We wish you all a safety while riding on this and every storm!

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