It's Time for a Night Out- AND YOUR INVITED!

It's Time for a Night Out- AND YOUR INVITED!

When it comes to both popular culture and going out, the term “ladies night” gets used quite often, AND HERE IS YOUR OPPROTUNITY!

This past month, we tried something a bit new here at A'Tu. 

We had a special group get together and hosted a Night Out!  This was more than just a shopping event though. These girls got wine and hors d'oeuvres, and a night out that they wouldn't forget with their friends. Zonta Club of Sarasota certainly had a wonderful time. Their event lasted from 5-630 PM on a Thursday evening and received a special discount.

The woman gathered and shopped while enjoying feedback from their friends on fashion and style while entertaining each other. 

If this is something you would enjoy and you’re ready to leave the men at home and have a girl-only night, consider A' Tu Jewelry and Clothing as the perfect spot for just such an occasion. 

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED, we can accommodate between 12-15 guests.

Please call the store for more information on scheduling your night out.

PHONE: 941-923-7038

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