Let's Size It Up with LuLu B!

Let's Size It Up with LuLu B!

Everyone loves LuLu B.

This Brand is without a doubt our most talked about brand.

What most people don't know is it started from a small family business in 1977 in Hialeah, Miami Florida.

The concept was the clothing should be functional, fun, colorful and most of all comfortable, as well as inspiring the wearer. Many know the brand for their UPF50+ sun protection fabric that is pre-shrunk.

 Lulu-B learned throughout the years that ladies are actively exploring the world and enjoying new experiences with interesting people, as well as care about the environment and the impact.

Offering sizes from XS- 2X as well as numerical. 


One thing most of our customers love, is that LuLu B Size XS is considered to be a Size 4!

Most brands consider their XS a size 0-2. This sets LuLu B apart while also making ladies feel AND look smaller, comfortable, and still stylish!

Their clothing is usually not a tight fit and what most consider to be a "normal" size according to LuLu B's size guide, (See Above).

They also offer guide for dresses but some would say this also applies to the brands tops. This guide gives you the Bust, Waist, and Hips all in one guide in inches. Ladies have found this extremely helpful in finding what size works best for them. 

From customer feedback, their only exception to date from our experience is what we call the "Sexy Dress" 

The LuLu B Sexy Dress runs smaller, and we normally advise ladies to size up. Keep in mind, we always suggest you try on whenever possible to know what works best for you! You also can call our store if you have any questions and the staff will be happy to assist you.

From sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 length tops, short sleeve, sleeveless, and 3/4 length dresses, skorts, capris, denim, and leggings no matter what style you choose LuLu B will make sure you have a great fit that will make you coming back for more! 

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