Las Vegas Market


Everyone is always curious about Market...

So the question is what is market and what is going on there?!

Our owner Colleen Connelly, goes to market twice a year.

Once in August for the Fall/Winter Season, and once in Febuary for the Spring/Summer.

Colleen usualy does 3 shows, Offprice, Jewelry, and Woman's wear. All shows are in Vegas and each show takes all day....

Ladies, thats 8 hours, each day for 7 days! THAT'S million's of products!!!!

Can you imagine looking at around 2,500 brands over only 7 days? 

Colleen say's "It's a woman's dream, but also like being a kid in a candy shop!"

She looks through everything that catches her eye and has to make some detailed decisions about what will work and what doesn't work for her store and her customer's.

This past week I sat down with her to ask a couple questions about her experience and her favoroite things about the Fall/Winter Show.

Q: What is your favorite show Colleen, and why?

A: Being in a business in 38 years, I have made a lot great connections, but also ALOT of friends. This has provided me the ability to make some great deals and neogotiate prices. This in turn enables me to provide some great prices for my own customers- WHICH I LOVE!!!

My favorite show has to be the WWIN- Woman's Wear In Nevenda. I love this show because I get to see all the new trends and some of my friends as well, which is alway a great thing.

Q: About how many lines do you purchase for the Fall/Winter Season?

A: Close to 75-90 lines! 

Q: What is it like walking through the isles of the Convention Center, there has to be TONS of people?!!!

A: Yes, there are.. some of the booths are jammed packed.  There are people from all over the world and you hear people talking in several different languages. The lunch line is always long!!!!

Q: What Market is your favorite? The August or February Market and Why?

A: The August market because I get to buy more!!!! I never total my orders until I'm back on the plane with a drink in my hand! 

So now that we got answers from Colleen, what do you want to have Colleen bring back for the store? 

E-MAIL us before Friday and let us know!!!

This is YOUR opportunity to let us know what you want for the next fashion season...






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