Summer Dress Styles!

Summer Dress Styles!

When Summer Roles around, that can only mean that the heat will be more intense and as woman we desire the comfort and style roles. 

Here at A'Tu, we can offer a variety of dresses that will not only make you want to wear them during the day, but also for several occasions.

The following are a few of my favorite summer dresses of the season. We will start with our top seller!

1. Jostar Slinky Dresses

Jostar, has been our number 1 selling dress for over 20 years.

These come in a variety of colors, such as Pink, Blue, Purple, Black, Turquoise and more. Most woman opt for the longer option, but if you prefer short this brand also gives you that option as well. Both styles come in sleeveless and go well with a kimono, bolero, or simple light jacket.

You can search for Jostar Slinky Sleeveless Dress or 019 Jostar and the many options will come up on our website.

2. Tango Mango Bubble Dresses

The Bubble Dresses were a HIT! 

You can wear this dress up or down. Tango Mango's bubble dress comes with a scoop neckline and wide straps for bra coverage. The adjustable tie hemline allows you to extend the length of the dress for the bubble effect or simply wear it untied for a longer look. This style also comes in several patterns for you to choose from, and you can find them on our website by searching for Bubble Dress in the search bar-  these won't last long!

041- Tango Mango Picasso Inspired Bubble Tie Dress

3. LuLu B Dresses

Lulu B offers you a variety of choices. This brands gives you everything from color, comfort and style! Best thing from LuLu B, the fabric offers their special UPF50+ protection and is a combination of Nylon and Spandex.

Their most popular cut is the V-Neck Travel Dress which offers 3/4 Sleeves and fits almost any body type and ranges in sizes available from Small to 1X.

Desire to show some skin? The "Sexy" Dress will give you just that. The peek-a-boo back has 6 separate pieces sewn to create a sexy, but bra friendly back. Currently, it is available in 4 prints. LADIES- per customer feedback, PLEASE SIZE UP.

RUFFLES ANYONE?  LuLu B gives you not one, but 3 different options!

First, their Ruffle Bottom Dress that gives 3 layers of ruffles at the hemline and a boatneck. 

001- LuLu B Hearts Ruffle Bottom Dress

Second, the Layered Ruffle Dress. Most enjoy this for the texture affect with layers starting just under the bust line and hits most ladies a bit above the knee. Our model is 5'8" for your reference.

Third and Final Ruffle Option is our LuLu B Ruffle Collar Dress. This "V" neck sleeveless dress, features the obvious ruffle collar around the "V" neckline and gives you a double layered ruffle. 

Basically, if you want Ruffles, Sleeveless, and UPF50+ Protection, you can't go wrong with any of these fabulous options.

If these brands don't catch your fancy, we have many more options from Ethyl, Klaveli, Creations and more. Be sure to check us out and follow our blogs for more upcoming styles and fashionable lines. August is coming soon, and that means we get a whole new season of items at market!



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