Style Guide for Jostar Plus-Size Clothing

Style Guide for Jostar Plus-Size Clothing

The fashion industry is notorious for its size standards; you’re either small, medium, or large, and that’s about it. The Jostar plus-size clothing caters to an expanding demographic. However, this demographic remains vastly underrated and under-served.

Confidence starts with reshaping your perception of it. And luckily, things are slowly changing nowadays, as there is a growing number of voluptuous women who are not afraid to flaunt their figures.

This post will explore everything you need to know about dressing your curvy body with confidence. We’ll cover everything from essential pieces every curvy girl should have in her closet to knowing how to look your best in any outfit. Whether you’re looking for casual or dressy outfits to wear at work or on date night, the following tips will help you build a versatile wardrobe and feel confident in your skin. So keep reading ahead for information that may change your life forever.

Understanding Tabs

Clothes sizing pertains to the number of inches around the wearer’s waist and chest. This is referred to as the “tabs”, and is the foundation for all measurements. The standard sizes for dresses and tops are small, medium, large, and extra-large; hence, plus-size clothing requires additional tabs. The consensus is that anything above a size 16 is considered a plus-size.

The Importance of the Fit

Fit is essential when dressing your curvy body. However, getting the right fit is often misconceived. Most curvy women think they must wear oversized garments to avoid attention to their bodies, but this is the exact opposite of what they need to do! One should gravitate towards items that will streamline your shape; the key is to always look for garments that will suit the curves and highlight them instead.

The Importance of Color

The color palette you select for your outfits dramatically impacts your overall look. Remember, you want to choose items that will elongate your frame. Bright colors, like red and orange, will add bulk to your body, while lighter colors will create an illusion that you are much shorter. Select a darker hue—one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone, if possible. This will add some visual interest while making you look more statuesque.

Style Guide for Jostar Plus-Size Clothing

Finding Better Shapes

If you’re used to wearing shapeless clothing, you might feel like you have no other choice. While this may be true for many options currently available, there are plenty of ways to find better shapes. If you love to wear jeans, try a looser style that skims your curves. You can try a more fitted style with a higher rise that skims your stomach and hips. If you’re looking for a more tailored look, opt for a darker-colored coat or jacket.

Finding Your Style

“Is this too short?” “Too long?” “Is this sleeve too sexy?” All these are questions that will keep you from making a selection, making you second-guess yourself if you’re shopping for the perfect top.

To avoid this, you first need to decide what sort of look you want to achieve. Select items that will enhance your style. You might want to opt for a conservative look, or you might want to go for a more seductive look. Whatever you decide, the most important thing to remember when shopping is to avoid volume. You want to avoid looser styles that will add bulk to your body.


Dressing your plus-size body with confidence is a highly attainable goal. Remember to keep this guide in mind when shopping for clothing. You can do something as simple as changing your wardrobe staples to darker colors or shopping for garments that will skim your curves. There are no limitations to what you can wear if you are willing to put in the effort to find suitable garments for your body type. No matter what you decide to do, it’s important to remember that you deserve to feel confident in your skin.

The Jostar Plus-Size Clothing brand has a variety of styles that fits any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a classic black dress, a cute short sleeve dress, or a colorful jacket, we’ve got it at A’Tu Jewelry and Clothing. These dresses come in a variety of silhouettes, from casual to evening wear; there is literally a style for everyone.

If you’re ready to glam yourself up, then just look for Jostar Plus-Size Clothing in our catalog!

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