What Are You Supposed to Wear Under Your Lulu B Leggings?

What Are You Supposed to Wear Under Your Lulu B Leggings?

Lulu B leggings, yoga pants, stretch pants, tights, or whatever you want to call them—these comfortable clothes that women usually wear to the gym or yoga sessions are now causing a national obsession.

Leggings have become a popular wear when running errands, and the dilemma of what to wear under them has arisen as a result. Questions start to surface, such as, “Should I wear normal underwear, or some thong for yoga pants?”

Here we will share some ideas on what you should wear under your leggings that will not spoil your style.

Hide Your Panty Lines

It goes without saying that dark or bright underwear will show through your leggings, so you should wear undies that are the same shade as your leggings. Then again, some underwear leave visible pantylines, that’s why thongs are frequently chosen over them. Yoga enthusiasts seem to like seamless bikini bottoms because they're comfortable and don't reveal any lines.

Your Lulu B leggings or any other form-fitting clothing will better conceal your panty lines if they have a busy pattern. Going commando under the leggings is another option, but it can cause discomfort and difficulty, especially for those who prefer to wash their leggings after each yoga class.

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Ready Your Breathable Thongs

The best approach to avoid panty lines is to wear a thong made of airy mesh fabric for ease of movement. Exercise can aggravate underwear rubbing, so choose smooth materials over lace and steer clear of designs with trim that rubs or irritates your crotch.

Pick breathable and moisture-wicking textiles that are excellent at transferring sweat away from your skin. Cotton does breathe, but it is better suited for all-day wear because it might not be able to keep up when you start to perspire.

Try Laser-Cut Underwear

Some laser-cut underwear have no panty lines at all, and will look smooth and lovely under your leggings. These underwear are typically designed with moisture-wicking materials and ultra-thin textiles. Just keep in mind that once your laser-cut pants start to fold, roll, or fray at the edges, it's time to replace them.

Boost Your Confidence with a Shapewear

We could all use a little confidence boost every now and then. Shapewear is best for times when you need to go somewhere else before or after your gym session, and can make the entire training experience even more amazing.

Don't wear it too frequently, especially if you do pilates or yoga, as your instructor needs to be able to tell if you are doing things correctly at those times, and you must have unrestricted breathing space.

Wear Boyshorts for Comfort

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Ideal boyshorts should feel soft, elastic, and extremely comfortable when worn; they are ideally seamless and not tight-fitting, and they should fit snugly under the butt cheek curves rather than cutting across it (just like your leggings). However, you can also experiment with some lace to soften the lines.

Stay On-the-Go with Lulu B Leggings

Choosing the right undergarment to wear with your leggings is important if you want to be comfortable and confident all day long. We hope that this blog post has given you a better understanding of the best undergarments to wear with Lulu B leggings.

If you have any further questions, just go ahead and reach out to us! You may also visit our website to check out some of our Lulu B leggings.

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