What to Wear With Your Lulu B Tops to Look More Appealing

What to Wear With Your Lulu B Tops to Look More Appealing

There are countless clothing styles out there that you can choose from, and it can be overwhelming at the very least to pick that one style. It’s for this reason that the Lulu B brand exists. Lulu B tops are fun, flashy, and comfortable and come in different styles and colors. But how can you give these lively dresses a fresh look?

Girls want to look beautiful wearing comfortable outfits. While beauty and comfort don’t often come together, Lulu B clothing exists to bridge the gap and bring them together. Here at A'Tu Jewelry & Clothing, we help customers pick their personal style and look their best.

This article will give you additional fashion ideas to enhance your style and look. So without further ado, here are some essential tips and ideas on how to mix and match your daily outfit to make it more interesting and make you stand out from the crowd.

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Statement Shoes

Women love footwear, and they would spend several hundred dollars to add some to their collections. You can wear a pair of statement shoes with colorful Lulu B tops to enhance your personal style while being comfortable.

Statement shoes will enhance your tops and give them a more polished look. This is especially better if you’re looking to give off a casual vibe. Make sure to get a pair of flats or sneakers to complement your OOTD.


Jeans have always been a dependable outfit option. You can’t deny that they’re one of the easiest to wear according to the occasion and your personal style. Eye-catching tops work well with either ripped or straight jeans.

White jeans are a staple for women’s wardrobes. They’re easy to wear and look fresh every single time, but you have to be a little bit more cautious and make sure that they remain stain-free.

You can pair a simple pair of denim jeans with your Lulu B top if you're going for a casual look for some errands or a short trip to the grocery. We recommend pairing LuLu B’s Pink and Turquoise Golf Sleeveless Top with your jeans of choice.


A layer of jewelry will surely bring your look to the next level any time of day. A layered necklace can help you look more professional—fine silver and gold chains work well with most V-cuts. Necklaces with heavy textures can help make the fabric of your clothes stand out. A trendy pendant will add some fun vibes to your outfit.


Cardigan tops are considered regular sweaters, but they can be extremely fashionable. You can achieve that girl-next-door charm with our Lulu B black pocketed cardigan sweater; you’ll want this fancy piece for your OOTD.

Try pairing cardigan tops with white sneakers and distressed denim shorts for an exciting look. Bermuda shorts and a handbag are also attractive options. You can also try wearing a cardigan top, crop top, dad sneakers, and a shoulder bag if you’re into the ‘90s vibe.

Duffle Coat

Do you want something stylish for the cold seasons? Make the winter more exciting with a stylish duffle coat. It’s fun to mix-and-match it with different layers, so you can experiment as you rock the winter days.

Duffle coats are both comfy and cozy, and they don’t clash with your main style. These winter wardrobes can also easily transform from a professional look to a casual style.

The Takeaway

You can almost match our colorful Lulu B tops with nearly anything. You can also wear them to a formal event, or even casually during the weekends. These trendy garments will never fail you.

If you’re looking for this colorful clothing online, look no further than A'Tu Jewelry and Clothing. We carry Lulu B tops, dresses, and more. Let us help you up your fashion style and stand out from the crowd!

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